10 Brand Strategy for Luxury

10 Brand Strategy for Luxury

In today’s world, a brand has to connect and create a good relationship with their targeted customers in order be successful in long terms. However, when talking about luxury brands, the connection must be even more stronger. A luxury brand targets only a small group of people and therefore they have to be more creative in their marketing strategy. It clearly means that a luxury brand has to distinguish itself from the other brands very cleverly. I mean why would a customer purchase a product of your brand by paying a much higher cost, if the same quality product is offered at a cheaper price by others.

Building and running a luxury brand is very challenging. There are many key factors which play a great role in the success of a luxury brand. In order to dominate in the world of brands, you need to provide a high symbolic value to your customers or consumers. Here in this article, we are providing 10 key steps which are essential for the success of a luxury brand in this competitive world.

Identifying the niche segment

The first thing you need to do is identifying a niche segment for your brand. A niche is actually a market or marketing area which have its own requirements, products, and customers. Selecting a marketing segment diligently is one of the fundamental principles for any brand.

But as you all know a

is really different than others and therefore the selection of the niche segment should be done after a very good research.

A differentiation strategy

A brand either follows a differentiation strategy or a cost leadership strategy. However, when talking about the luxury brands, these kind of brands follow the differentiation strategy. Luxury brands aggressively differentiate the experience for their customers.

A mainstream brand and a luxury brand are entirely different. Both the brands run on the track of trust, but a luxury brand offers more symbolic value. It is also essential that the brand must have a very loyal group of customers having full faith in the brand and the products or services it offers.

The importance of symbolic value

A brand regardless of its nature usually offers two different values the functional value and the symbolic value. Symbolic value emanates from the brand’s reputation or social standing. Any global brand if wishes to become a leading luxury brand it must pay focus on the emphasizing their symbolic value to its customers.

A good story

If you carefully examine a luxury brand, you will find that they have a good story to tell. The story is based on how the brand is formed, what were the reasons behind its formation, the struggles it has faced in its early stages, its sustainable efforts which connect it with the society and so on. A good story builds a brand’s reputation and also emphasize it’s symbolic value.

The perception of exclusivity

The perception of exclusivity is one of the factors what makes it different from mainstream brands. Almost all the luxury or high-value brands creates a sense of exclusivity. This perception of exclusivity can either be in terms of limited supply, unattainable price, limited geographic availability, etc.

Superior quality

If you want to build a luxury brand, then you should never compromise with the quality of your products. Quality is everything for luxury brands. Make use of the finest materials for your products regardless of its price.

Consistent delivery of brand promises

One of the biggest challenges of branding is consistently delivering all the brand’s promises. Successful luxury brands always fulfill its promises. They have supportive organizational structures to deliver the promises.

Customization of products

Providing customized products to your customers is one of the specialties of luxury brands. Adding customization option distinguishes the luxury brand. This also reinforces the quality and creativity of the brand.

An emotional connection

An emotional connection between the brand and its customers is an absolute necessity. The customers must feel emotionally attached to the brand. Luxury brands have a small segment of customers, and in order to preserve their customers base, they must treat them as a part of their company.

Finally have patience

Forming a successful brand and creating brand awareness is something which is not going to happen in a couple of days. It might take a very long period of time so be patient and have full faith in your dreams.