10 Corporate Gift Ideas For Hong Kong Business

10 Corporate Gift Ideas For Hong Kong Business

Gift giving is a famous trend in the corporate world around the festivals or the holiday seasons. Similarly, the tradition of corporate gift Hong Kong has been going on for years now. But as you know, the ideas and traditions vary depending on the part of the world you are in. So, Hong Kong has its own set of rules when it comes to gifting culture. Here are 10 corporate gift ideas for Hong Kong Business.

A Classic Pen With Your Company’s Name

A pen is the best gift for any official purpose. It just feels right, which is not underdone neither overdone. A classic pen with your company’s name will make the item more personal and relatable. You can gift this to your client or an employee, and your wishes will reach them. A simple logo of your company on the pen will make it look simple yet chic.

Other Custom Gifts

If you think the pen is a very common piece to gift to someone as special as your client, then go for the other custom corporate gift Hong Kong. A custom gift is like 2 in 1 solution for your problem. You get to gift them with your company’s logo or details inscribed on it, which makes it special and relatable to you. You can go with calendars, bags, apparel, or any other accessories that show your logo but still stays high in quality. The best thing about a custom gift is that you can choose anything from cheaper option to higher end depending on your relationship with the client.

A Diary

A dairy or a notebook is yet another item that you can customize as per your company’s details and logo, but the best one for corporate gifting, especially to an entrepreneur. A book or a diary is a way of saying that we appreciate your ideas and you can note them in it and come up with new suggestions always. It’s one of the best ways to convey appreciation and thanks in the corporate world. And do not forget the advantage of customizing you get along with it.

Passes For The Upcoming Awaited Events

A couple of passes for the upcoming event or sport is the best way to treat someone, especially if you know that your client loves it. Moreover, there are certain events where everyone can enjoy; you can try and arrange passes for those. No client will ever forget something gifted like this.

Luxury Food Items

No gifting list is complete without mentioning food ideas. You can choose to go for the chocolates as they can never go wrong or else put in some more efforts and gift something like local delicacies. But while gifting luxury food items keep in mind their religion, lifestyle, and health.

Tried & Tested: A Bottle Of Wine

A bottle of wine can never go wrong neither it will ever turn old in the ideas of corporate gift Hong Kong. You can also go with a bottle of Cognac or Scotch if you find wine too common. However, if you have any doubts that your client won’t enjoy alcohol, then you can also go with some great brands in tea or coffee (something different and unique).

Explore New Cultures: Tickets For Outing

Another corporate idea for gifting is a couple of tickets to some other place for a getaway. This way your client will also remember you while recollecting the memories of that place and is also a great gift as they will get to explore new places.

A Glassware Set

A glassware set with your company’s logo can be yet another option for your prestigious clients. You can also inscribe a specific date or any other mark of significance on the glassware set while gifting.

Gift Of Fitness

Another gifting idea, especially for today’s unhealthy lifestyle is the gift of fitness. You can gift a Fitbit to your client so that he keeps count of his calories and stay fit. This is one newest option for those who don’t like to follow the same old traditions.

Gifts That Give Back

Lastly, you can gift something that helps disadvantaged people or which helps in donating some part of your money to the underprivileged people. Your client will surely like this idea as everyone finds most happiness in the idea of donation.

These are some of the common corporate gifts Hong Kong ideas for helping you gifting this festival season. So, enjoy the festivals and happy holidays.