5 Mistakes Too Many Businesses Make with Their Website

5 Mistakes Too Many Businesses Make with Their Website

Online website has become an inseparable part of the businesses (thanks to the digital world). And you won’t find even a single business without their own website. A website helps in converting visitors to customers and increase the business. But sometimes, even after investing a lot of hard-earned money and time, you might not see the desired results. So, have you ever thought the reason behind it? The answer is simple; it is because of the mistakes you make with your website. Building a website is not only about design or content or SEO, everything needs to be taken care off. Therefore, in this article, we will see the most common five mistakes too many businesses make with their website.

1. Too Many Fields in The Navigation

This is a very common issue, especially with the bigger companies. These big companies have a lot of content and so a lot of pages. The main problem here is that they give similar importance to all of their pages. This results in too many fields in the navigation bar or menus and submenus list. With so many choices, the visitor might get confused about what to do, which would lead the visitor to leave the website with so much confusion and no specific idea about anything.
The main navigation menu on the website is for guiding users, and you should only address the most important pages of your website here. The most recommended style is to go with around three to five items in the navigation bar. Do not go for the submenus, rather interlink the pages with each other.

2. No Regular Updates

It is important you update website design at least once in 2 years (thanks to the change in web design trends). Many businesses develop a website and keep it constant for years, which shows outdated design and tools. Some businesses even forget to change the basic brand related things in their website after a complete changeover. This may create a confusion with the potential costumers.

This is for normal websites with their business details. However, if you have a blog section, product listings, e-commerce, event listing, social media, a CMS, etc., then staying with the same blogs and events dated a year or two old or pages saying “coming soon” looks simply unprofessional and is the main reason for steering away the potential customers. So, update your website regularly, even if that means a five pages website.

3. Too Much Content

Big companies normally prefer including all of their achievements and product line up in their home page. This makes the homepage look very cluttered and not organized. When a person sees too much content and information, which they are not able to quickly understand usually bounces off. So, avoid having too much of text content on your website.

If you are an online store, then you can add your product list on the homepage as people are looking for it. But for all other businesses, it is simply a big mistake. Keep the content short and precise for letting the visitor understand the website better.

4. Talking Too Much About Themselves

There is nothing wrong in talking about the great services and the product lineups because you should obviously flaunt your pluses. But you should also talk about what people want to know about you and your services. The visitors are visiting your website with some reason or for finding a solution to their problems, so it is important that you address that too.

5. No Calls to Action

A call to action is asking the visitor to do something like visiting a specific link, register for newsletters, or buying a product. Most of the companies either ask too much to do or nothing at all. Asking a customer to do many things with continuous pop-ups or links will irritate the customer and lead to him leaving the website. But no clear call to action will leave people wondering what to do next for getting the task done. Therefore, it is necessary to balance and call out the customers for doing something is a proper way that you don’t look too pushy.

In a nutshell, the most important problem with the websites is too much content without any clear message. You need to understand that your website is not an encyclopedia to throw in all the information you have. Instead, you have to create your website like you are giving a proper tour of your website to the visitors. This is the only way to convert them from visitors to your customers.