Branding Trends For 2019

Advertising trends

2018 was all about chatbots, Instagram, artificial intelligence, and voice engagements. But the year is coming to the end in the next few weeks and so are the ideas related to the branding. With the beginning of a new decade, people are moving more towards the human feature rather than the simple plain data. So, here’s what you need to do for being up to date with the advertising trends in the coming year. These are a few branding trends for 2019 that you shall see flourishing and gaining new heights.

Brand Influencers Will Be The Spokespeople

The days are long gone when customers were only influenced by celebrities and their promotions. Now it has become all boring and literally appeals to no one. The customers now are more interested in actual experiences and mouth publicity. So, you have to actually search for people who really support the brand and embrace it. Making them as the spokesperson and taking them online is the new unique way to branding. It is always better than going for someone who probably has never used the brand in his/her life.

Digital Branding Has Become Way Too Common

One of the best and tested ways of branding is via the digital method. However, it has become too common and is not only the sole way to reach a number of people. Digital branding obviously was very important till the last year, but now it is not just limited to it. Assuming only the digital branding to help you out will be a foolish mistake. It is important that you invest in digital branding but also keep in mind that people live out of the digital world too. People believe in physical stories more than digital ads. So, try mixing these both features to have a better chance of reaching maximum people and retaining them.

Sales And Marketing Team Will Merge

The days have gone when the task was specifically assigned to the sales or marketing team. Now is the time when they have to blend and merge into a singular form to get the things done. The company who thinks it is the responsibility of a sales team or a marketing team will stand no chance in this coming year. The latest advertising trends demand them to become a whole new concept to work together. This will make their brand reach maximum people. Sales are not about just selling rather it is about a connection and the coaching. Similarly, marketing is about enablement and education. In 2019, only those companies will flourish which has a hybrid team that takes care of both the responsibilities.

Understand That Customers Make Brand

It is important and high time to understand that customers are the ones who drive the brand and not the other way around. Brands still think that they dictate the terms and rules, but this is the market of customers, and they rule it. Companies have to start understanding and behaving as per the customer’s requirements. You can no longer walk on your own terms and conditions and assume that people will follow whatever you sell.

Create, Compose & Coach

Consumers now think and buy instead of the influence of the content or the ads. The days are gone with the decade where brands can influence them with their content and marketing strategies. Customers nowadays prefer using their knowledge and owned information while making a decision. So, the old advertising trends are outdated, and you have to embrace the new ones. You have to create a new attitude towards the customers. For example, the clothing retailer has now opted for a new attitude that says ‘the fashion you can design’ rather than saying ‘we create fashion for you.’ You can no longer say that ‘we know and have designed the best for you’ but can go with ‘we have learned from our customers to design this fashion for you.’

These are some simple yet very important branding trends in the upcoming year. This year marks the end of the decade, and so you also need to end the decade-old advertising trends. Embrace the new style and branding trends for 2019 and stay on the top of your game.