Web Design


FOCO Lifestyle & Headphone Pro-Shop - an unprecedented store for enjoying music in New Territories. To guarantee you could find the products that best suit you, thousands of headphones and audio equipments such as DAC, headphone amplifier, music player, etc. are displayed for consumers to try. Other than providing the latest product information and high quality products for the enthusiasts, it welcomes all beginners and music lovers to savior the delight of admiring high quality music.

About the project

FOCO came to Fresco requiring a corporate website for their brand integrated with e-commerce. First, there were to be a Products page showcasing their products. For classification, we grouped different products in various categories. And we established links between them by showing Related Products at the end of each product page. Besides, customers can choose to add products to wish list or to comparison for compare and contrast. All in all, the web design was to communicate the brand image of FOCO.