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Hairbase is a stationery and cosmetics company established in 2014. The company strives to provide state-of-the-art products for students and fashion people with strong sense of beauty and lifestyle. In addition to offering trendy items to cultivate pop culture of the present days, the company is well-known for its core product, Hairbase hair shampoo. It has been the company’s bestseller for 3 years.

About the project

To begin with, Hairbase is a branding project with fruitful experiences for Fresco Design. The original brand image of Hairbase was not so bad. Only that they sought for improvements of brand elements that would rejuvenate their brand perception. The objective was to increase brand awareness among its target group, the younger generation aged 16 to 23. Through rounds of discussion and revised recommendations, we finally re-branded Hairbase to be smart and dynamic.