Web Design


Muvato is a catering company with a restaurant to be launched very soon. Muvato is dedicated to provide fresh and organic food items for its customers. The company even owns and operates a farm in Melbourne, Australia, where they plant organic veggies with natural resources. The chief and founder is ready to proudly present to the public his one-of-a-kind menus without any artificial seasonings or pigments. All in all, the company is going to lead a new eating trend.

About the project

Firstly, Muvato contacted Fresco Design to design all-round branding elements of their ready-to-launch restaurant. They wanted to communicate a modern, healthy, and organic look and style to the customers. We designed logos, color palettes, fonts, packaging and menu design for them. Because of the nature of the restaurant, we used green tones to demonstrate what Muvato can offer to foodies.