Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

Marketing trends are always on a constant change with each passing year. And 2019 is no exception. The digital marketing landscape is experiencing a dramatic shift with the year’s end. For example, SEOs, PPC, content management, social media, and everything else related. This new year is all about new trends and strategies including AI and visual marketing. Here are some of the top digital marketing trends for 2019.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the new face of digital marketing. In the next year, you might see AI taking over at least the simpler jobs. Artificial intelligence can analyze search patterns and behavior from social media. And this way helps your business in reaching most of the customers. The AI technology can also get more information by communicating with consumers. And give a more personal touch to the consumer’s experience. So, you should gear up to introduce AI into your digital marketing for the upcoming year.

Programmatic Advertising

The businesses will be using AI for buying the ads as per customer’s preference and behaviors. This way programmatic advertising will help in targeting search-based more audiences. This way you will receive higher conversion rates for your business. This is a trend that almost all the websites and businesses will be included by 2020.


You can already find chatbots on many websites. They will still be one of the top digital marketing trends in the year 2019. This AI interface is very common because of its interactive behavior over messaging in real time, i.e. 24/7 available for the customers. The consumers prefer chatbots as they are responsive and helps in purchases. The chatbots act as a helpful customer service that meets customer’s expectations. This means you are available for focusing on some other important task.


Customers prefer when you provide personalized service over the bulk messages. In 2019, you might witness many websites using this trend in digital marketing. You can find personalized contents, products, emails, and many more things more personalized. The websites will be able to differentiate the consumer’s behavior depending on the purchase history data. This will, in turn, make personalization easier. It is an important step towards the growth of your business by personalizing your customers.

Video Marketing

This is not exactly the most preferred marketing technique but surely the most influenced ones. Consumers tend to share brand videos more. This definitely leads to more visibility ratio of the brand. This also helps in more conversion rates with the help of video marketing. And the video marketing won’t be limited to YouTube; you will start seeing them as live Facebook feeds, Instagram post, or on LinkedIn too. Live video marketing is gaining popularity and is sure to be one of the top digital marketing trends of 2019.

Influencer Marketing

Last year was all about digital marketing and trends related to it. But businesses have started understanding that the consumers live in the physical world too. And they should also invest in traditional marketing techniques along with digital marketing. So, influencer marketing is what you will be seeing in the next year; a combination of traditional and digital marketing strategy. The word-of-mouth has more influence than any other kind of marketing. And you might see a number of key leaders doing brand endorsements rather than the celebrities.

Social Messaging Applications

Most of the world’s population is on social messaging applications like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and WeChat. In fact, the number of people online on these messaging apps is more than that of YouTube and Facebook. So, these social messaging apps will be a real target while advertising businesses. You can use these messaging applications to actually reach out to a number of potential customers. Besides, a messaging app helps in personalization and hence gives you an upper hand in digital marketing.

In short, the top digital marketing trends of 2019 will be all about better consumer experience. You will find an AI interface, personalization, and automation as strategies. So, stay up to date with all these trends and stay high on your digital marketing game.