Magento Development Hong Kong

Magento is a technology that allows online merchants to be able to use the shopping cart in multiple ways. This e-commerce platform allows us to control the look, functionality as well as the content of your webshop. In order to satisfy your customers and keep them content when purchasing your products and services in your online stores, your shopping cart must be flexible and easy to navigate. If it is not easy to purchase your product or service, you will not have as many loyal customers. Customers will continue to use your product and service on the online store if the shopping cart is user-friendly. Magento is very important for your webshop and is a vital tool for ensuring a flexible and easy-to-use shopping cart. At FRESCO Hong Kong, we are trained to make sure that your web store is up to date and uses a user-friendly method when customers use to check out items or services in your web store’s shopping cart.

Magento Development

Why do you need Magento Development?

Magento development is an important tool in enhancing your shopping cart. It allows your customers flexibility. Our team of professionals at FRESCO Hong Kong will use Magento development to enhance your web store by controlling the look and the content of your shopping cart. Customers should have a satisfying and pleasing experience when using the shopping cart. If it easy to purchase your products and services on your webshop, this will boost your sales. We will ensure that your shopping cart is flexible and easy to decipher. We will keep your content relevant and make sure that your webshop uses a user-friendly interface when customers use your shopping cart to check out products or services. This will help increase revenue for your company.

Magento Development Agency

Why choose web design agency FRESCO HK for your Magento development?

FRESCO Hong Kong has a team of professionals who will work to ensure that your webshop is up to date and that your customers are content and satisfied with the method of purchasing your products or services. Your shopping cart is a vital part of your webshop and it must be flexible and user-friendly in order to keep customers content and also deliver a pleasant experience when using your online store. It should be easy to navigate. Using this system, we can easily change the look and content in the shopping cart to make it as easy and delightful as possible for your consumers. Here at FRESCO Hong Kong, we are here to ensure that your customers are satisfied when making a purchase using your web store.

Magento Development HK

What can we do for you?

FRESCO Hong Kong will ensure that your shopping cart is easy to use and satisfying for your customers. It is an important part of your web store and will help your business grow. Our committed team of professionals will customize the content in the shopping cart to make easy and accessible for your consumers. Versatility is extremely vital when it comes to purchasing products or services online and this web development will help snare the satisfaction of your customers. In order to reach potential consumers who will purchase your products and services, your web store must be up to date and easy to use. With FRESCO Hong Kong, we will make sure that your shopping cart is user-friendly and your web store is up to date, so send us an email or give us a call for all your web store needs.

Magento Development Hong Kong

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Web UX Design

UX design is the art of making the schematic plan of a website to help visitors navigate with ease. We consider each project unique and therefore start at the base, with a line drawing of the framework to make sure the flow of the entire website is optimized.

Web UI Design

In the web UI design stage we transform the UX layout into a fully desinged user interface. We’re in frequent contact with the client during the UI design to make sure the design fits perfectly with the needs of the client and with those of the target audience.

Web Development

Once the designs have been completed, our team of highly qualified developers gets started. They transform our various kinds of quality designs into smooth working websites with PHP5, HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript. They make sure all pages are shown perfectly on all devices.


The developers connect the custom-built web pages to a Content Management System. Our weapon of choice is WordPress, because of its flexibility and extreme user friendliness. After completion, we offer a WordPress workshop and show you all the ins and outs.

Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS) is an easy-to-use application that allows you to quickly update images and other elements of your website. This helps you control your online presence just by using few clicks. The user gains the ability to update any element of his website at any point of time- putting the user in control of his online businesses.

Maintenance & Hosting

It is essential to follow-up on your website with maintenance, because it can be disastrous to run a page that has outdated and irrelevant information or bugs. Upkeep is also necessary to make sure that your website continues to work smoothly and flawlessly, otherwise online visitors will stop coming or turn away as soon as they are met with glitches.

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Ranging from brand strategy to corporate gifts, our branding services have helped numerous brands in building enticing brand touchpoints. We know you want it to be unique, memorable, and impactful. And we’re sure we can help you out there.

Web Design

All our web designs are customized for clients in order to create awesome user experience. Want it to look professional, modern, and beautiful? No matter what kind of site you need, no worries. You’re at the right place.


We are experienced in developing e-commerce for a diverse variety of industries. We’ve got everything you need in your e-shop: user-friendly shopping cart, convenient payment gateway, and, our marketing advices.

Digital Marketing

Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to expand your digital presence, it is essential that each and every channel in your digital marketing plan are closely aligned and all strategically working towards the same final goals.