eCommerce Trends For 2019

eCommerce Trends For 2019

Today’s ever-changing eCommerce market presents online retailers with new challenges. They need to initiate innovative changes within their eCommerce businesses or risk being late to the market. With the global retail eCommerce sales booming by the day, is your business falling behind the rat race? Don’t worry. We have consolidated some of the hot trends within the eCommerce world that you need to heed to in 2019. This will boost your business while making your user experience all the more amazing.

Futuristic Payment Options

With the usage of online wallets in retail shopping, we need to look beyond for a more futuristic payment mode. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are bound to be a major game changer. Currently, there is a superfluity of online payment modes like digital wallets(PayPal, AmazonPay, GooglePay). And then there is instant layby (AfterPay, ZipPay). Yet users look for more faster and safer ways of spending their money while shopping online. Introducing Cryptocurrency will lure in more customers as it allows them to make safer electronic transactions. They don’t need to disclose their sensitive data or punch in their details every time they shop online.

Faster Delivery Options

Drone delivery is the future of delivery services. Most stores already have same-day delivery and 2-day delivery services. Drone delivery would step-up this game by delivering the products even faster. Customers are always looking for greater convenience, and any investment made towards it will be rewarded with increased order placement.

Increased Video Content

With growing convenience, the online users are growing immensely impatient. They would rather watch a video of a product than read through its description. Brands should abuse this immersive and engaging nature of videos into increasing their sales. This helps the user to preview the product and also reduces the return rate of the bought products.

Chatbots For Customer Service

It is a proven fact that customers return to a particular retailer after a good, satisfying customer service experience. Automating this crucial service on your site ensures increased customer loyalty. A Chatbot is a program backed by AI designed to talk to users. Chatbots have proven to be capable of handling most customer questions on their own during a live chat. Increasing the efficiency of these digital minions will ensure faster ticket clearance and a happy, content customer.

Amalgamation of the Digital World with the Real World

Merging the digital world with the real world is a challenge and a boon in itself. With the onset of online shopping, the number of customers visiting a physical store to shop has been dropping steadily. Incorporating the on-site store with interactive and immersive digital experiences could be a quick fix to this issue.

Amazon has already pioneered in it by conceptualizing the Amazon GO store. It’s the initial curiosity and wonderment that these companies are cashing in on and you should too.

Advanced Filtering

Improving the product filter mechanism allows your customer to find the right product faster and with minimal effort. This can be achieved by amplifying the range of filtering attributes like price range, size, material, color, etc. An amplified range of options assists the users in finding their choices faster than earlier. This efficiency in search not only impacts your customer loyalty but also ensures a higher satisfaction rate.


When it comes to shopping, customers expect personal experiences. E-commerce is slowly heading towards personalizing the user experience by using analytics and keeping track of the users’ buying history. Myntra, for instance, actively collects data on the logged in user and sends them a personalized list of curated products. Personalization specific to a user is one way to bump up the sales charts. But, introducing weather-sensitive personalization is a more generic option to reach a huge umbrella of users with fewer efforts.

In-app Mobile Commerce

With the advent of technology, a consumer can get what he needs without having to step out of the house. Smartphones have proven to be a gateway to the world of e-commerce where people can shop on the go. This ease of use compels online businesses to put more efforts towards making their mobile application interactive and user-friendly. This is made easy by frameworks like AMP, which help in creating fast website pages across various mobile devices. AMP helps increase conversions by keeping the user engaged whilst they browse through your website.