Email Marketing Trends for 2019

Email Marketing Trends for 2019

Anyone remembers out here, how Bill Gates declared of killing the spam by the end of 2006? Well, the email marketing trends are just predictions by the experts and marketing genius, which has an equal probability of both failure and success. With this, we start our today’s discussion about the email marketing trends for 2019. Hope I am not missing out something important here to mention. Let’s begin:

Consumer’s final decision to receive the type of emails

Because of spam and unfiltered emails that drop downs at our email address, we literally feel frustrated deleting them all or selecting the unsubscribe option for all of the different marketer’s mail ID. This will come to an end soon with the new email marketing trends in 2019, which literally allows us to choose the certain category of the subject, for which we are interested in receiving emails.

Customization and Personalization for shooting emails

We all have started using first names in the address bar to send an email. How about having one more step ahead of it for shooting an email to a particular group of people. This is possible in 2019 with the innovative email marketing trends concentrating on targeting a certain group or segment of people for sending emails. For an, e.g., sending emails to a particular list of customers in North America for the current offer.

Enhanced features for mobile

The statistics and reports say that more numbers of people are using their email functions over the smartphone than the desktop. This directly states that people are most prone to use their mobile phone for accessing their email features. The audience who are using email on their phone for almost all their professional needs, seek more for mobile email features in 2019.

AI in email marketing

The global automated email marketing or the use of Artificial Intelligence is increasing day by day. It is because of the AI email marketing campaigns that many companies have doubled their revenue in the U.S. With improved efforts and execution, AI will set the records for email marketing trends in 2019.

Plain textual content

This is something really necessary for making the content king of the market. People are actually focusing on the quality content and straight communication pitch in emails rather than high definition images or banners. The good old concept of ‘plain content’ is seen trending back in the upcoming year, 2019.

Brand storytelling

Storytelling is an art; it reaches directly to the ears of the people. Writing inspiring content is more important than beating around the bush with some quality features and benefits. The brand storytelling concept is going to hit the 2019 email marketing campaigns. It is one of the best ways to get connected with the audience because, since a kid, we all are habitual of listening to stories.

Enhanced data protection

We love our secrets, either it is personal or professional. When we do not share our email ID password with our spouse, how can we expect a stranger to hack our accounts through an illegal software or act? The email marketing trends in 2019 are highlighting data safety and security as the priority. It is the high time to inform all your email account holders to update them about the latest security features.

Shedding followers of social media

Since the organic social media marketing has dropped down to a much lower level in the marketing segment, the consumers are losing their trust in the social media posts. The old email marketing trends are again seen coming in the race of marketing trends in the next year. People are actually looking for content elsewhere because Facebook and other social media portals are now not considered 100% genuine.


Email marketing has been the cheapest of all the marketing segments available online. The older school of marketing is getting popular again because the latest segments are not considered viable for relevant information. The simplicity, analytics, and cost-efficiency of email marketing is a unique combination that any other marketing platforms have online. If you really wish to make a rock base of your loyal followers, you need to mail them. Mails are most remembered and can be read again easily by just storing it in the right folder or title.