Five Ways Social Media Marketing Will Change In 2019

Five Ways Social Media Marketing Will Change In 2019

Social Media is a really powerful tool to communicate with a very large group of people. Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. are used by millions of people from around the globe. It has no geographical boundaries which make it one of the best ways to market your company and its products.

The world of social media is never constant. It keeps on changing and updating every single year. New trends and ideas are added to social media constantly, and in order to make its best possible use for marketing purposes, you must follow the latest trends and rules. The change in social media marketing strategies is never sudden or unexpected. They are predictable and can be easily predicted based on the current situation.

Social media marketing strategies will also change in the upcoming year that is 2019. So we have listed the top 5 social media marketing trends or strategies which will dominate in 2019.

The rise of graphical contents

Do you a post with photos on any social site gets more number of likes, comments, and clicks than any other text-based post. Our mind is designed in a way to recognize graphical posts or contents much faster than simple text. According to successful entrepreneur, we will see in a rise in the number of graphical posts for marketing in the upcoming year. This makes it important to produce the contents in the form of images with text, infographics or other visual formats. This will also increase the use of graphics software to convert simple text-based posts to interesting graphical posts.

A bigger and better content

Gone are the days when simple questions or a message is enough for the promotion of a company. Nowadays you need to produce better content if you wish to create a better relationship with your targeted customers. We need to find out better ways to communicate with our customers. They must be engaged using an advanced as well as intelligent method. The contents should be created in a way which engages them like videos, infographics, polls, images, etc. It makes it easier for people to have a better understanding about your company. Another important thing to consider when creating a post is to make sure it is shareable by the those who are viewing it.

Google+ as a social media marketing platform

Google is adding new and better products and is becoming extremely important in the field of social media marketing. Google+ is a very useful product of Google. It is actually a strong community with a large number of users using which you can create your brand identity. It also allows you to identify those who are interested in the kind of products you provide. Overall it has great potential to boost your customer base. This strong community is also helpful in terms of feedback. You can get feedback from the real-time users on your old or new product and then can make the necessary improvements if needed.


A vast amount of post or information is uploaded to social media sites every single day. This easily confuses the people. If you wish to create a better relationship with your customers, you must provide them a personalized content based on their likes and dislikes. The contents should be based on their purchased history, social media posts clicks on advertisements, etc.

You can also send them email newsletters about your new products or events to keep them updated with the latest happenings. This makes a kind of emotional connection between the two.

The social media influencers

Social Media influencers is a major trend of 2019. Social media influencers have a great reach. They have millions of followers or subscribers, and their posts or videos are instantly seen by a very large group of people. This makes them an important part of social media marketing. You can take their help to reach even a larger number of people.


The year 2019 is going to be very challenging for marketers, and if you want to stay ahead than your competitors, you must follow the latest trends mentioned above. These latest social media marketing methods will help you get more number of new customers and will help enhance the relationship with the existing ones.