Top 15 creative Ideas for A website

Top 15 creative Ideas for A website

You must have thought at some point in your life about starting your own website, but then you would have gotten confused about what should your website be about? Well worry no more, because there are some really nice ideas that you can go with for your very own first website:

1. Affiliate Blogging:

affiliate blogging
Now, in affiliate blogging, if your content is good enough to drive traffic on your website, you can literally make a lot of money. Affiliate blogging means blogging with inserting affiliate links of different websites which sell products and then taking a commission out of it.

2. Review providing website:

There are a thousand things you can provide your reviews on, such as movies, books or even small household products to cars to anything that you have knowledge about.

3. Photography website:

If you are a good photographer, this one is definitely for you. You can even collaborate with different photographers from your city and post pictures on the site together. And if the traffic is nice, you can even sell stock photos. Nice right!

4. Dating website:

dating website
Sounds so exciting right? Well, it is! You can open a dating website, promote it in social media and gather people to sign up and earn money by selling premium paid subscriptions.

5. Poetry or writing website:

If you can write poetries of any sort of story, you can go for this kind of website. You can actually make a base of your loyal readers through this and earn money by selling rights of the poetry or the story too!

6. Cooking website:

cooking website

Everyone wants to eat tasty food, and so if you happen to know great recipes, open a website and teach people how to cook food. You can upload videos along with recipes written below the video.

7. Video Game Website:

Die-hard gamer? Yes? Open a video game website then. Post your knowledge about how to play a particular game and review the top games of the year. There are a lot of gamers out there; you can earn a considerable amount of money through this.

8. Technology website:

Everyone wants to know; what is the latest and most cost-effective technology available in the block. So creating a website for offering tech information is quite a clever idea in this tech-savvy world.

9. DIY website:

If you have a great knowledge about DIY and you feel that you are creative enough, then you can open a DIY (do it yourself) website and provide easy fixes to other people.

10. Business website:

If you have a product that you can sell online, you can open a business website and offer products to endless customers in exchange for a certain amount of money. Also if you are already running a business, you can open a website for it too.

11. Online Tutoring Website:

Knowledge helps a person to make money. So if you feel like you are an expert in something that can be taught online via selling digital video courses, you can make a hefty sum of money through opening a website for the same.

12. Fashion website:

What’s the latest trend in clothing? If you know the answer to this, you can start with a website which provides advice on the latest and trending fashion. No one wants to look outdated in today’s social media world.

13. Memes website:

In the age of social media, people laugh more at looking at the screen rather than in real life. You can start a memes website. People love to share meme’s; this can get you a really large amount of traffic on your page.

14. Travel Blog:

These kinds of blogs are followed in large numbers since everybody like to travel and want to know what other places look like. So if you are on the move a lot, you can share your experience with others through a travel blog website.

15. Survey Sites:

You can take surveys for a countless number of things from thousands of people on the internet and then share the interesting results on your website and also use it for business purposes to earn money. After all, knowledge is money.

So these are the top 15 ideas for creating your own website today itself. Which one are you choosing?