Web Design Trends For 2019

Web Design Trends For 2019

We have seen changes in the web designs now for some time. With each passing year, we find different new trends kicking in to take the digital market on a ride. While some of the designs are easy to grasps and make small changes in the website, others are completely different and at times have to start everything from scratch. So, let us see what 2019 has in store for all the web designers.

Video Backgrounds

2019 will give more importance to the video content than the static images. It is because of the growing interest of visitors in the videos and its content. From demonstrations to promotions to B-roll footage, the video will take over everything as it is more entertaining and captivating. Video keeps the viewer interested and let him stay on the page for a longer duration. They also prefer staying till the end of the video to know what happens next. This way the business might find more conversions when compared to the static images. In addition, the message gets conveyed faster in a video, thus reaching more people.


This isn’t a new web designs element, in fact, it has been in the digital world from the last 20 years. But as the years go, so is the capabilities and design of this feature. In this coming year, chatbots will be another key feature for businesses to drive some more traffic. This feature allows the visitors to ask questions and provides a response in real quick time. This designing also fulfills the task of a customer service person for answering online questions. This feature over the time has only got better. Now, it does not only provide solutions to the customers but also gathers data for the sales team.


Slow loading of a page is a big factor for low conversions and people not staying on your website. In addition, it also lowers the search engine ranking of the website. It is a known fact that customers do not wait for more than few seconds for loading the page. And plus, the new fast processors have made their patience levels to nearly zero. Therefore, page speed does have a lot of importance when it comes to the success of a website. In 2019, these web speeds will reach a record-breaking height. Google has also released a speed update, after which it has become to surpass the margins to get better loading speeds. If they do not qualify, then that will have a direct effect on the website ranking. So, 2019 will see more compact images, minimal coding, and many redirects for faster page speed.

Flat Design

The web designs used in this year was minimal, clean, and crisp, and it will stay for the coming year too. The year 2019 will be of flat designs. Originally these designs were made for high mobile performance. The key element of this feature is the negative space that is used. Keeping space empty avoids the content clutter and increases the page loading speed. But that does not mean that the design needs to be boring and plain. This year will be of vibrant colors, hi-res images, and bold lines. One can also go for the semi-flat designs for avoiding the clinical look of the websites.

Integrated Animations

The micro-animations guide the visitor and also captivates them with the illustrative looks. It has become very common these days to include them on the hover-buttons. These integrated animations have become a reason of people staying on the website for a long time and also visiting other pages of the site. The basic purpose of these micro-animations is to guide the user and help them navigate the site. The coming year will see a lot of animated options on the website, and even take this concept of integrated animation a step further.

These are a few trends which are sure to take over the digital market in the coming year. However, the ongoing trends won’t see a complete stop. You might more or less see a variation of these still continuing in 2019 too. However, apart from these, you can also look forward to bold typography, custom illustrations, broken grids, asymmetrical layouts, single page design, and building for mobile first will be some of the most followed web design trends for 2019.